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Our communities are counting on us to work  collaboratively, creating vehicles and platforms,  to address the issues we are facing in our most vulnerable populations.

SafeLinx Nation is a collective of mission-driven community development experts dedicated to working together to create safe places, opportunities for deeper community engagement and sustainable development.  The ultimate goal is to create intentional communities where people of diverse incomes and backgrounds access intervention programming, workforce development and safe spaces for healing. We achieve this by building and sustaining  high performing and adaptive community development strategies. 

We envision an interconnected network of communities where people of different incomes, ethnicity, races and backgrounds live with dignity and fulfillment. We envision communities that encourage all residents, to participate in civic processes that define the physical, economic, educational and cultural characteristics that distinguish these communities.

We see a Nation where all people build assets and realize the benefits of a healthy and safe community and strong public supports for human needs. We see a community development movement led by a diverse and democratic leadership that is at the forefront, in both substance and process, when determining public policy and development priorities that serve the long-term interests of communities.


We envision government and the private sector working in partnership with the community development movement to achieve excellence in the projects we undertake and to promote a true "common wealth" for all.

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